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“Malasakit” is a Filipino word which means deep care.

I believe it’s time we normalize the culture of CARE in the workplace.It’s not a mushy subject. It is relevant and it drives creativity, engagement, and productivity. Agree? Disagree? Curious to hear your thoughts. cultureofcare #beingseen #thepowerofbeingseen #malasakit #fearlesspossibilities #keynotespeaker

An Open Letter to Women : Happy International Women’s Day! :)

Happy International Women’s Day! πŸ™‚ My newsletter today is slightly different.I’d like to share this open letter to all women. If you’re a woman, this is for you.If you’re a man, this will give you a peak at how women are. Hehe! ​ —– An Open Love Letter to Women #InternationalWomensDay ​ My dear fellow …

Here’s what’s so fascinating about life!!!

How was your Valentine’s Day?I had the most amazing Valentine’s Day celebration last week! And nope, it had nothing to do with my relationship status. Hehe! ​ Let me share a quick story. When I was still working for a bank many years ago, I shared my dreams with my friend/officemate… ​​“I want to pursue …