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How was your Valentine’s Day?
I had the most amazing Valentine’s Day celebration last week!

And nope, it had nothing to do with my relationship status. Hehe!

Let me share a quick story.

When I was still working for a bank many years ago, I shared my dreams with my friend/officemate…

“I want to pursue my passion in writing and speaking, go on vacations, bless a lot of people, spend as much time as I want with the people I love,

have the freedom to choose whether to work on a certain day or not…

My friend interrupted me and said,

“Sha, you have to be realistic. You can’t have everything you want.”

I am so grateful I have friends who care about me and who feel safe to speak their minds around me.

Here’s what I realized which I find soooo fascinating!

We have the freedom to create the life we want.

How amazing is that, right?

The world can tell you what you should or should not do.
Ultimately, YOU get to choose who you listen to and what you decide to do.

I love my friend but I chose to listen to my own heart.

I am so grateful I did!

Today, I am living that kind of life I mentioned to her and it’s even more beautiful than I ever dreamed of.

Are there dreams you buried because someone told you it’s not possible?

Maybe you want to write a book.
Maybe you want to become a professional speaker.
Maybe you’re a CEO of a Fortune 500 company who wants to do music videos but you’re concerned about how others might perceive you.

Maybe you’re a VP of a multinational company who wants to rekindle your childhood dream to act in a play.

Maybe you’re a retired professional who wants to become a life coach.

Maybe you want to run a marathon.

The good news is, if you believe it is possible, then it is possible!

Sure, it’s not easy. It will take a lot of courage, patience, determination, discipline, humility, sacrifice, joys, pains…

This is one of my missions — to inspire fearless possibilities in organizations and in leaders like you.

I believe in you! 🙂

There’s one more thing I’d like to share.

Everyone can tell you what you can or cannot do.
It is up to you if you listen to it or not.
If you have a burning dream in your heart, there’s a reason why God put your dream in your heart and not put your dream in their hearts.

At the end of the day, the most important human voice you need to listen to is your own voice.

But sometimes, our own voice limits us. This is why it’s important to find the right mentor/coach who sees you.
… a mentor/coach who sees your potential.

… a mentor who believes in you.

… a mentor who models the life you want.

When everyone (including myself) told me to stop singing, my singing coach Jerome was the only one who said, 
“Sha, you have a beautiful voice. You are meant to sing.”

Fast forward to today, I’m now a, ehem, recording artist!

Correction: International recording and performing artist!

(I’m trying to make you laugh here. Hahaha! Sometimes, humor is better communicated through speaking, rather than writing. Don’t worry, you can invite me to speak at your upcoming event so we can all have a great time:)

If you scroll down, you will see the link to my 30th music video made in Paris, France and Amsterdam, Netherlands!

The point I’m making is…

If you don’t believe in yourself yet, find someone who believes in you until you start believing in yourself.

The reason why I do music videos is because it’s so fun, I get to let my inner child play and get creative, and I get to work with other creatives. The bigger reason? It’s because I believe I can.

I know my singing voice still has a lot of room to grow, but I celebrate what I have now.

You have so much untapped potential that is waiting to be unleashed.

I hope you see that in you 🙂

I wish you love, joy, and peace today and everyday!

Sha Nacino

Keynote Speaker l Author l Book Writing Coach

P.S.1 We have a treat for you.

We’ll have the Speak to Thrive Virtual Summit on Feb 25 (Saturday) 2PM – 3PM PH/SG time featuring the graduates of The 90-Day Speak to Thrive Challenge.

I’m so proud of them and I am so excited for you to hear their messages.

If you’re afraid of public speaking and you want to be inspired, this event is for you. It’s free as well. You may watch it via my FB page or via my YouTube channel 

P.S.2 While I was gazing at the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris, France in May 2022, I told myself, “This place is perfect for one of my favorite classic songs La Vie En Rose.

So I did a music video for that song.

Here’s my post Valentine gift for you. Presenting… La Vie En Rose — shot in Paris, France and Amsterdam, Netherlands.

I only have one favor. If you enjoyed the music video, please hit the like button on YouTube and let me know your thoughts in the comments section on YouTube.

Thank you! 🙂

So grateful for our music video team who helped me make the music video possible 🙂

Sha Nacino

Sha Nacino is a keynote speaker and an author of 15 books. She is on a mission to inspire fearless possibilities by helping leaders and companies build a culture where everyone feels safe, seen, and appreciated.

Sha finished her B.S. in Business Economics from the University of the Philippines - Diliman and holds a Certificate in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.

She was awarded the Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 by the United Nations Global Entrepreneur Council and Inspiring Humanitarian Award by the World Humanitarian Drive.

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