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Make Someone’s Day: Simple Ways to Show People They Matter :)

​Last week, I was down with colds and sore throat so I rested for the most part.

I listened to good music, watched the clouds and sunset, enjoyed my indoor water falls, etc.

I finished reading two books by Bo Sanchez, too! They’re so easy to read, it was so relaxing to read them.

Your responses to our TuesDate’s new format are so beautiful and heartwarming.

Thank you for taking the time to reply. Apologies if I didn’t get to reply to everyone especially last week.

Know that I see you and I appreciate you.

Let’s dive in to this week’s Story, Highlight, and call to Action for the week πŸ™‚

Do you like the acronym? Hehe! I love it!


I have three mini stories to share today, all with the same message.


Mini Stories #1 : Waiters and Chefs

A few weeks ago, I went to my favorite semi-posh buffet restaurant that served great sushi, sashimi, and desserts.

As we know, in buffet places, you serve yourself. You get your own food from the food place and bring it to your own table.
The waiters would come by from time to time to get your used plates.

The waiter dropped by my table to get my used plates.
I smiled at him, took a second to read his name plate, and said, Thank you, Kenneth!

His eyes lit up and he smiled back at me.
What happened next pleasantly surprised me.
From time to time, Kenneth would pass by my table, smile and and ask, “Ma’am, is there anything you need?”

I felt like someone had my back and was looking after me.


A week later, my friend and I attended a seminar in Makati City.

We got the memo. 😊

The setup was buffet and the waiters would go around the tables to serve water.

I looked at the waiter, smiled at him, and said,

“Christopher, is it okay if I request for warm water with lemon?”

I went a little further to make him ease up and said,

“Coz you know, I’m a singer!” (Btw, I do this all the time and I’ve been doing this since around 2011 maybe. I love how it makes the wonderful waiters smile and ease up, like we’re friends.)

He cracked up and said, “Sure, Ma’am!”

I asked him to also serve the same to my friend who was seated at the other table. She also loves warm water with lemon. Coz you know, we’re singers! Hahaha!

That day, I again felt like I had a personal waiter.

I didn’t have to raise my hand if I needed more water.

Like clockwork, as soon as I finish my water, Christopher would replenish it.
During buffet lunch time, he also came to me and asked,

“Ma’am, do you want me to get you soup and salad so you don’t have to line up?”


I had the same experience when I was in a 5-star resort in the Maldives.

I made friends with two of the best sushi chefs — Chef Jester and Chef Allan!

I felt like I had the whole Japanese restaurant to myself and I was pampered by the two chefs who served me their best masterpieces. And super thanks to my generous host for putting everything on his tab.


Mini Story #2: The Sampaguita Vendors

A few months ago, my friend and I visited my alma mater, University of the Philippines – Diliman, to walk around the UP Sunken Garden. Before we embarked on our walk, we dropped by the church because it’s the only place I knew that had restroom open on a Sunday.
As we were leaving the church, someone hollered at me and said, “Ate Sha!!! Ate Sha!!!”

I turned around and this young woman selling sampaguita enthusiastically said,

“Ate Sha, how are you? It’s me, Dang!”

Oh yes! I remember Dang.

She was a little girl who was maybe 7 or 8 years old when I was still studying in U.P.

She, her friends, and her mom sold sampaguita at the church.

Back then, my friends and I would spend a few minutes with them after weekday Mass just to smile, say Hi, or chat a bit. We had meager allowance then, so I can’t remember how many times we bought sampaguita from them. We did address each of them by their nicknames.

When one of her playmates broke his arm from playing, we also visited him in the hospital.


Mini Story #3: The CEO

When I was still working for a multinational bank, our CEO visited the branch where I was assigned and gave his CEO Town Hall.

I was so inspired by his message.

So I sent him a little ‘Thank You” message via our company’s email system called LN (Lotus Notes).

I shared with him what I appreciated about his message, how he spoke from the heart, and how I appreciated how he cared for the employees. (I was already a Toastmaster then, I’ve written a book, and I’ve been giving pro bono talks on the side).

He replied back and I sensed how much he appreciated the gesture.

Maybe not a lot of junior employees had the courage to message the highest ranking officer of a huge multinational bank with thousands of employees to appreciate him. (Quick note: If you’re an employee, find time also to appreciate your leader or leaders. They also need it. Just make sure it’s sincere and comes from the heart.)

Years later when I quit my job, he saw on my Facebook that I just launched a new book.

He messaged me and ordered copies of my book. He said it’s for his reading pleasure and as gifts for his friends.

That book was Money & Me.

Our CEO (and probably his friends, too) are much more successful and advance than me as regards finances.
He was also the former head of our Treasury Department. So yes, his knowledge on finances was way more advance than me.

His gesture was so humble and kind.

I felt seen and supported.



Here’s our highlight/lesson for the week.

Make people feel seen. Make them feel they matter. Because they do.

This also applies to people you lead or people who lead you, people who’s economic status is higher or lower than you.

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Call to ACTION

Who can you make feel seen at home today – maybe your parents, siblings, spouse, helper, driver?
Who can you make feel seen at work today — maybe your subordinate, leader, colleague, or the guards and the building cleaners?

In a world where it’s easy to feel invisible, a little bit of acknowledgment and validation can go a long way.

When was the last time you made someone feel seen and appreciated?

Take a few minutes today to uplift someone’s spirits and brighten their day. Trust me, it’s worth it.


Yesterday was International Labor Day.

Special prayers and hats off to…

  • everyone who is looking for jobs
  • everyone who’s trying to make both ends meet
  • everyone who is worried that their jobs will be replaced by AI
  • entrepreneurs who are making their businesses sustainable so they can keep their employees
  • corporate leaders and business leaders who are finding ways to make sure no one gets retrenched
  • corporate leaders and business leaders who are making the hard decision to let go of some employees to keep the organization afloat
  • everyone who wants to find meaning at work
  • corporate and business leaders who want to keep their employees engaged
  • C-level executives who also need motivation
  • middle and senior managers who feel sad because of the lack of care they see from their team members
  • employees who feel unseen by the top management
  • leaders who feel unseen by the people they lead


You got this! May this season bring out the best in you!


If you wish to create a culture where everyone in your organization feels seen and appreciated through my keynote, workshop, and executive coaching, email me at


I wish you fearless possibilities!


Sha Nacino

Keynote Speaker l Author l Adjunct Faculty, Asian Institute of Management


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