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[Motivational Speaker] Ever tried speaking but felt like no one was listening?

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Ever tried speaking but felt like no one was listening? Let me share a story where I learned a crucial lesson.

When I was in my 20s, I was part of a training team for a whole day session at a university. We were informed the audience would be administrators and staff, so we tailored our training for them. To our surprise, the attendees were professors, mostly with Ph.D.s, not the administrative staff we expected.

During my 1.5-hour slot, I scrambled to adjust my examples to better suit the teaching crowd, but connecting with them was challenging.

Reflecting over dinner with the school president and my fellow trainers, we all shared similar feelings of disconnect. We later found out the professors had indicated they wanted to learn “nothing” from the pre-training survey, which partially explained their disengagement.

Still, I learned a very important lesson as a speaker that day:

“It’s not the audience’s job to listen; it’s the speaker’s job to make them WANT to listen.”

Holding the mic doesn’t automatically earn you an audience’s attention. Similarly, being a leader, CEO, or department head doesn’t guarantee your team’s focus during meetings or your keynote speeches at annual events. In today’s world of short attention spans, captivating your audience is essential.

This is why it is very important to learn the art of speaking and capturing your audience’s attention.

Every time I give talks, I pose a fun challenge for myself: That is, to make the audience want to listen to me without telling them to listen to me.

For example, I once gave a talk in front of 900 executives seated on round tables, with more than 50% of their backs turned against the stage. The fun challenge I posed myself was to make them want to turn their chairs towards the stage because they would find listening to my talk the most fun and valuable thing to do at that moment.

After a few minutes on stage, I could see that the senior executives turned their chairs towards the stage. The plan worked!

As the program director of The Eloquent Leader at the Asian Institute of Management, my mission is to capture the interest of senior managers and C-suite leaders from the beginning to the end of each session.

I’m glad it was successful!


“Speaking is more than a skill; it’s an art of engagement.”

Call to ACTION

Regardless of our profession, it is so important to hone our speaking skills.

We get judged by how we talk and present ourselves.

If you’re interested in honing your speaking skills, here are some paths:

– Join Toastmasters! I was an active member for 11 years.

– Enroll in a public speaking course.

– Consider a speaking coach.

– Watch TEDx talks on YouTube. You can find mine by searching “TEDx Sha Nacino.”

What would you like to add?

I wish you fearless possibilities :)

Sha Nacino

Motivational & TEDx Speaker l Author l Adjunct Faculty, Asian Institute of Management

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Sha Nacino

Sha Nacino is a motivational speaker, author of 15 books, and adjunct faculty at the Asian Institute of Management. She is on a mission to inspire fearless possibilities by helping leaders and companies build a culture where everyone feels safe, seen, and appreciated.

Sha finished her B.S. in Business Economics from the University of the Philippines - Diliman and holds a Certificate in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.

She was awarded the Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 by the United Nations Global Entrepreneur Council and Inspiring Humanitarian Award by the World Humanitarian Drive.

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