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Happy Monday,

How are you?

Christmas is just around the corner and I can feel how busy things can get.

Hope you are taking time to slow down and do some quiet reflections and lots of self-care activities.

A lot of things happened in the past two weeks.

I attended my two-year old Godson’s birthday party at school, drove to Bulacan to pick up my 6-year old Goddaughter from school and go on a date with her and her family, drove to and from Tagaytay to bond with my siblings and cousins, watched a play, etc.

I also attended an event for University of the Philippines School of Economics Alumni Association. It felt so good to mingle with schoolmates from Batch 1969 to 2021.

In between, I did some deep work, quiet reflections, and lots of self-love activities.

Speaking of self-love, it is an essential life skill.

We’re about to wrap up 2022. One of the best gifts we can give ourselves is the gift of self-love.

If you don’t love yourself, nothing will ever be enough. You may achieve so much success, go places, be famous, earn tons of money. Yet, deep within, you would feel as if something is missing.

If you don’t love yourself, no amount of love from other people can satisfy the longings of your heart and you won’t be able to love others in a healthy way.

Confession: Prior to my self-love journey, I felt like nothing was ever enough. I was always chasing the next big thing. I was restless. I was also too hard on myself. Thank God I learned how to love myself. A lot of things have changed.

This is why I wrote the book Love Yourself Today.

We launched its eBook version in 2021 and it was recognized as a finalist at the Cardinal Sin Book Awards.

We got a lot of requests from people who requested me to have the book printed.

So earlier this December, I did some deep work to review the book, update it, and have it printed, ready for Christmas. (That’s why I wasn’t able to send my TuesDate newsletter last week).

Good news! The book is now being printed. We’ll start shipping on December 22!

If you’re thinking of gifts to give yourself, your family members, friends, colleagues, employees, and team members, this may be the best self-care book you can gift them.

Here’s what Bo Sanchez, best-selling author of over 60 books said,

“This is essential reading for those who need to learn how to be kinder to themselves.”

You can order your copies by clicking this link. 

We’re giving 8% discount for solo orders and up to 36% discount for bulk orders.

So excited for you to have this book!

I wish you love, joy, and peace today and everyday.


P.S. Our Christmas SALE will be from December 15 – 21, 2022. We have solo pack, close friends pack, barkada bundle, and corporate bundle you can choose from 🙂

You can order your copies by clicking this link. 

Sha Nacino is a motivational speaker, TEDx speaker, author, and adjunct faculty at the Asian Institute of Management. For speaking invitations, visit or email us at

Sha Nacino

Sha Nacino is a motivational speaker, author of 15 books, and adjunct faculty at the Asian Institute of Management. She is on a mission to inspire fearless possibilities by helping leaders and companies build a culture where everyone feels safe, seen, and appreciated.

Sha finished her B.S. in Business Economics from the University of the Philippines - Diliman and holds a Certificate in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.

She was awarded the Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 by the United Nations Global Entrepreneur Council and Inspiring Humanitarian Award by the World Humanitarian Drive.

Here are three ways Sha can be of service to you:
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