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Last night, we had a group coaching session for the students of The 90-Day Book Writing Challenge.

Before I started with the coaching proper, I asked them to share in the comments their answer to this question,

“What made you smile today?”

I want to ask you the same question.

What made you smile today?
Better yet, what events last week made you smile?

These days I am so into studying Positive Psychology.

One of the things I learned recently is this concept called SAVORING.

Here’s how Fred Bryant and Joseph Veroff define savoring.

Savoring are the processes of attending to, appreciating, and enhancing positive experiences.”

Oftentimes, our default is to replay in our minds what went wrong. We ruminate.
We beat ourselves up. We continue to hurt ourselves by replaying the hurtful scenarios in our mind.

How about embracing this concept called SAVORING?

We think about the things that went well and we take time to savor the positive emotions we felt.

I had a beautiful week last week. Let me share it with you.

Monday – Breakfast with my friend and mentor from Singapore.

Tuesday – Long, fun, meaningful lunch with friends.

Wednesday – I guested on a radio show for the National Book Week.

You can watch the replay here. 

Thursday – Dinner with my dear friend at home. She even volunteered to do the dishes even if her nails were done. Hehe!

Friday – I gave a corporate talk to a huge insurance company. I and the participants had so much fun! I really feel I was born to give talks! 🙂

Saturday – anticipated Mass, swimming

Sunday – walked around UP Sunken Garden, lunch with my friend at Gubat, read a book, attended a photo exhibit at UP Campus with friends I bumped into while walking around.

My 2nd favorite thing to do on a Sunday 🙂

During the week, I also heard Mass in person.

I made sure I had slow lunches, checked out some nice vegan restaurants in our neighborhood, watched a lot of Netflix rom com movies.

I also regularly communicated with my family and friends.
I worked out, and I worked, too! Of course! Hehe!

I love savoring my favorite moments during the day or during the week.

It makes me smile and be so grateful for those experiences.

I also love to be fully present in the moment — that’s why I love slow lunches.

I also love to look forward to doing something exciting — like watching a musical play this coming weekend.

If we want to nurture and increase positive emotions in our lives, savoring is one way to do it.

I hope this TuesDate inspired you to savor life’s beautiful moments.

I wish you love, joy, and peace today and everyday! 🙂


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Some of us are at a stage wherein we can now enjoy the fruits of our labor. Some of us are at a stage wherein we need to hustle more.
Whatever stage you’re at right now, may this story of Pamela inspire you.

Like Pamela, may the challenges you experience in life inspire you to be the best version of yourself. 🙂

You got this!

Sha Nacino

Sha Nacino is an author of 14 books, a keynote speaker on gratitude & creativity, and the founder of World Gratitude Summit and Thrive University. She is the recipient of the Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the United Nations Global Entrepreneur Council.

She is the host of The Author's Voice Podcast and Joy & Peace Podcast for Catholic Singles.

You can find her on IG at

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