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About two weeks ago, my friend said, “Sha, we’re going to Bataan on Oct 22-23. Join us.

I checked my schedule. It’s clear.

I replied, “Game!

When my friend invited me to join them in Bataan, I didn’t even know what we’ll do there, who else is going, etc.

The only information I had was that my friends will be there, and that’s enough information for me to say yes to their invitation.

When I like the company of friends, it doesn’t matter if we’ll go fine dining or street food tripping.

It doesn’t matter if we go biking or walking.

I’ll have FUN either way.
(Caveat: As long as we share the same values).

Today, I’d like to share 5 life & work lessons from my camping adventures.

I’ve camped twice so far — one in Mt. Pulag back in 2011, and another one in Bataan over the weekend.

Lesson #1: Make room for beauty.

When you’re camping, you bring only the basics and you don’t overpack.

Everything has to be functional.

Good news! There’s always room for beauty.

I loved it when our camp host in Bataan put a vase of fresh flowers on top of our table.

It looked so beautiful, so refreshing!

My friend also brought her curtain lights.

Purpose? To beautify our kitchen tent.

I super love it!

FUN Challenge #1: How can we make our homes more beautiful? How can we make our workstation more beautiful?

Beauty energizes. Beauty refreshes. Beauty amazes!

Lesson #2: Don’t limit your thinking.

When we were in Bataan, we were presented three options where to camp.

We chose the garage — none of the three options.

There’s more.

Would you bring a suitcase/luggage at camp?
Why not? Hehe!

My mountaineer and camper friends teased me when they saw my photos.

They said, “Who would bring a suitcase when camping?!”


Guess what we had for dinner at camp? Crabs and prawns, among others.
Coz why not?

FUN Challenge #2: For a particular project you’re working on right now, what are your options? Can you create another option?

Lesson #3: Gentleness heals.

I was bitten by dogs twice — elementary and college.

That’s why I have fear of dogs, especially when they look unpredictable.

Our camp host had 8 dogs.

On Day 1, I can’t even go to the restroom without a friend or our host escorting me because the dogs were everywhere and they were barking.

On Day 2, for some reason, the dogs were so kind and gentle towards me.

They didn’t bark. Five of the eight dogs simply silently followed me everywhere like they were my entourage/bodyguards.

When they got too physically close, I said,

“Oooops, gentle. Not too close, please. We just met. We’re still getting to know each other.”

And they backed off a bit. They understood! Wow!

The dogs looked so funny following me around, while maintaining their distance. Hehe!

Here’s a photo of the dogs. I think they were waiting for me to share my ice cream with them.

Are you a dog person? I’m slowly learning to be comfortable around dogs.

I warmed up to the dogs because I saw their gentle side.

I’m slowly overcoming my fear of dogs. I’m slowly loving them, too.

Gentleness heals.

FUN Challenge #3: Do you have phobia? How can gentleness help you heal your phobia?

Lesson #4: You are capable.

Our camp in Bataan was a combination of semi-camping/glamping/gamping (camping in the garage).

We didn’t have to hike.

We used a real rest room and bath room.

We did the dishes in our host’s kitchen.

We didn’t have to cook the crabs and prawns.

We had ice cream for dessert.

It was comfortable, very comfortable for camping! 🙂

In 2011, my friends and I climbed Mt. Pulag. It’s 2,928 meters high.

Imagine a building with 1,084 floors! That’s roughly how high Mt. Pulag is!

It was an 8-hour climb for us.

It was soooo cold, at one point, my fingers went numb.

Good news! We made it!!! All of us made it — pro mountaineers and first-timers like me.

Here’s our photo from 2011 Mt. Pulag climb. Thanks, Kitch!

You are more capable than you think you are 🙂

FUN Challenge #4: Are you going through something right now? You are capable to overcome that challenge. You got this!

Lesson #5: Choose your priorities

On our way to Bataan, we stopped over in Pampanga for lunch.
Pampanga is known for great, yummy food!

We ordered five meals for sharing and it was a lot for the four of us.
I chose to have a taste of only 3 of the 5 meals we ordered so I can fully enjoy my lunch.
Applying the Law of Diminishing Returns, I knew that if I chose to try all five, I’d be full by the time I eat my favorites and I won’t enjoy the food as much.

Plus, I’m such a slow eater. Hehe!

I enjoy eating very slowly so I can savor the food.

I knew my priorities when it comes to eating.

I apply the same when I travel.
If there are 10 places to see, I choose only two or three I like the most.
Then I take time to really enjoy the place rather than rush around so I can see everything.

I like to take things slow.

This also applies to work.
If there are 10 things on my To Do list, I ask myself,

“Which are the top 2 or 3 I need to prioritize?”

Which ones can I delete, delay, or delegate to my team?

Then I only work on my top 2 or 3 and aim to do them with love, care, and excellence.

FUN Challenge #5: Are you overwhelmed by the things you need to do? Which ones can you prioritize? Which ones can you delete, delay, or delegate? Remember: You don’t need to do everything. Apply the 80/20 principle.

There you go!

I hope you enjoyed our TuesDate.
I always look forward to writing to you.

Have a beautiful week ahead.


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Sha Nacino is an author of 14 books, a keynote speaker on gratitude & creativity, and the founder of World Gratitude Summit and Thrive University. She is the recipient of the Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the United Nations Global Entrepreneur Council.

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