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Happy Tuesday!

I’m writing this in Boracay.
I’m so in love with this place.
The beach is so beautiful.
The weather is perfect especially today. The people are friendly.

I’m staying in my favorite hotel just in front of the beach.
I’ll be here for a couple of days and my main agenda is to RECHARGE.

Hope you’re having a beautiful week.

The past two weeks have been extremely stressful for me, I could hardly breathe.

Last Tuesday, I had about 3-4 hours window to rest.

Instead of cooking my own lunch, I took myself out on a date and went to this nice buffet place.

Two days later, I had lunch in my favorite hotel lobby. I brought my laptop so I can work there as well.

I was that stressed out! Haha! I kept taking mini breaks to recharge.

There was a day I was so drained I had to cancel all my appointments that day and reschedule them to another day — except for the foot massage.
But that day, I didn’t have the energy to even go down to the lobby, ride a Grab, and go to the spa.

A day before I flew to Boracay, I had two speaking engagements on location (in a studio while the participants were attending virtually) — a talk at 1:00PM and panel discussion around 5:00PM.​

Photos courtesy of March/Donna and Doc Mich

After my talk, I was so sleepy because it’s my nap time. (I take naps everyday.😅).

God is so sweet and He is in the details.
Guess what?! There’s a spa in the same building where the studio was.
What a perfect treat — foot massage and sleep!

Thank God!

My message today is this: Take yourself out on a date.​
This may sound simple but it has a deeper meaning.
Taking yourself out on a date is an act of self-love.
Self-love is so important.

I remember when I interviewed one of my mentors.
When I asked for his advice on how we can love ourselves better, he said,

“Know your own needs and be aggressive in meeting those needs.”

So true.

It is important to check in with ourselves and ask ourselves what we need.
Then we take full responsibility in meeting those needs.

There’s so much stress going on in the country and in the world.
The antidote to stress is love.
While we cannot force other people to love us, we can give that love to ourselves.

I booked my ticket to Boracay just two days before my flight.
It was a spur-of-the-moment decision.
I knew I needed a change of environment and be in nature.
I needed to breathe and Boracay is the perfect place for me this week.
I’m taking a break this week and the only work I allow myself to do are a few emails and approvals with my team.

Some of the things I’m planning to do here in Boracay are:

Dates with God (daily Mass by the beach)
Workouts (swim, walk, run)
Pampering (sleep, sound trip, fine dining, massage, buffet)

Maybe I’ll read a book or watch movies. Or maybe not. I will go with the flow.
I will also leave a lot of room for God to pleasantly surprise me.

Speaking of surprise, God did surprise me last night.
I was also in Boracay in September 2021.
I remember this particular scene wherein right after I gave a virtual talk, I walked straight to the beach to relax.
A stranger behind me took these stolen shots of me.

Photos courtesy of C.P.

Last night, I met that stranger by chance here in Boracay!
That stranger is a stranger no more. I gained a new friend.
This is a cute story on how God has our back — literally and figuratively. 🙂

Have a beautiful and happy week ahead!

May you feel God’s sweet love to you this week! 🙂

I wish you love, joy, and peace today and everyday!


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Sha Nacino

Sha Nacino is an author of 14 books, a keynote speaker on gratitude & creativity, and the founder of World Gratitude Summit and Thrive University. She is the recipient of the Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the United Nations Global Entrepreneur Council.

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