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Happy Wednesday! 🙂

How are you?

I was watching a KDrama titled “Fight for My Way” and one scene really touched me.
It was when one of the male characters said this about the lead actor, “He has nothing but he’s always happy. It bothers me.”

It made reflect on happiness and on life.
What does it mean to be happy? How do we live fully?

We can easily fall for this trap:
I will be happy when….

I will be happy when I get promoted.
I will be happy when I get married.
I will be happy when all things go well.
This is a trap!

The truth is, we can decide to be happy now!

I love what Hal Elrod, bestselling author of The Miracle Morning, said when he was at his lowest,
“I decide to be the happiest and the most grateful person I can ever be no matter what!”

So true! We can decide to be happy right now, right where we are.
Gratitude is the fastest way to be happy!

Yesterday was such an ordinary day for me. No speaking engagements, no book signing, no interviews,
Instead, I spent most of the time in the kitchen here in our province.

I cooked lunch and dinner for my family.
… served snacks for my little siblings ages 8 and 10.
… did the dishes.
… heard Mass!
…watched KDrama!

And yep! I did a little bit of work, too!

Yesterday looked like an ordinary day. Nothing instagrammable.
Yet, I felt ( and I feel) soooooo happy and peaceful!
What a beautiful privilege it is to cook for my family.
What a joy it is to do the dishes while listening to the Bible in a Year Podcast!
(Doing the dishes is probably my favorite house chore! It’s so relaxing, it clears my mind and it’s my mini-date with God!)
And I love it when I see my little siblings laugh and play together while munching on the snacks I served them!
Ahhhh… life is so beautiful!
I live for moments like these!

What little, ordinary things are you celebrating today?

Remember, our happiness doesn’t depend on whether we get what we want or not.
Our happiness depends on how grateful we are!

So grateful for you! 🙂

I wish you love, joy, and peace today and everyday! 🙂


P.S.1 Speaking of gratitude, you can watch my Gratitude Conversations via YouTube here!
You can play it in the background while you’re exercising or cooking or gardening!

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P.S.3 You are so blessed! Just look around and you’ll realize how incredibly blessed you are… yes, even in the midst of problems!

Sha Nacino is a motivational speaker, TEDx speaker, author, and adjunct faculty at the Asian Institute of Management. For speaking invitations, visit or email us at

Sha Nacino

Sha Nacino is a motivational speaker, author of 15 books, and adjunct faculty at the Asian Institute of Management. She is on a mission to inspire fearless possibilities by helping leaders and companies build a culture where everyone feels safe, seen, and appreciated.

Sha finished her B.S. in Business Economics from the University of the Philippines - Diliman and holds a Certificate in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.

She was awarded the Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 by the United Nations Global Entrepreneur Council and Inspiring Humanitarian Award by the World Humanitarian Drive.

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